Laufer APA

American Pale Ale

Laufer APA is a perfectly balanced medium gravity beer, with an ideal ratio of the rich flavor of Bavarian malt and pleasant taste of hops from the continent of North America. The fusion of modern technology and traditional production of craft beers resulted in this very drinkable beer in style of the American Pale Ale

Laufer beer is unfiltered and unpasteurized, thus keeping all the nutrients from the grains, and it is fermented in bottle with the presence of brewing yeast, which gives this beer mild characteristic turbidity and natural beer carbonation.

ALC 5,1% VOL.   EXTRACT 12,0%

Wheat Beer

Wheat Beer

Light unfiltered wheat beer with rich taste and characteristic fruity flavor, made with fusing the most famous styles of wheat beers, Bavarian and Belgian. The unique taste of this beer comes from the combination of wheat and malted barley, with added orange peel and coriander, which provide the refreshing exotic note of the beer.


ALC 5,7% VOL.   EXTRACT 12,6%

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