Is the first craft brewery in area of Northeast Bosnia, seated in Brčko. A passionate hobby of making craft beers has turned into an entrepreneurial undertaking so the first product was placed on the market in 2018.

The supreme quality of our products is the result of efforts of the highly skilled staff, and limited production capacities enable maximum care for each drop of Laufer beer.

All organoleptic properties of the Laufer craft beer come from the merger of highest quality natural raw materials and essential ingredients – “passion and skills of the master brewer”.

By the example of the hundreds of years old recipe, Laufer craft beer is made from four basic raw materials: malt, hops, brewing yeast and water, in line with the German medieval law on beer purity Reinheitsgebot, without any additives affecting the loss of original beer taste.

The story about the name "Laufer"

The term Laufer originates from the German language from the word "läufer”, which translates to a runner, and in our area, it is used as a colloquial term for a bishop chess piece. Since chess represents the combination of science (ingeniousness) and art, i.e. ability to create, also our Laufer beer is the result of the mentioned skills. It is well known that the bishop chess pieces are especially “dangerous” for the opponent when they act together (so-called famous bishop pair), and therefore it is best to consume our beer in a company.


The evolution of craft beer

The craft beers represent a sort of resistance of a small man to comprehensive industrialization and global pressing for poor quality foods and drinks. Craft brewers have returned to the roots of brewing and started producing beer with the highest quality raw materials with far smaller production capacities compared to the industrial breweries. With the increase of the awareness of the buyers and increased care about health, as well as the quality of the ingredients we use daily, a rapid expansion occurred in the popularity of this type of beer. Modern craft breweries as we know them today originate from the end of the 1970s in United States, when they repealed the beer production from the period of prohibition.

In 1980 there were 89 registered breweries in the USA, and in 2012 the number of registered breweries was 2450, and in 2018 this number surpassed 7000. In Europe, craft brewing is most developed in Great Britain, Germany, Italy as well as in Belgium which, despite the industrialization, managed to preserve the production of monastery beers with different flavors. In the last three to four years some small beer producers have been registered also in Bosnia and Herzegovina, following the countries in the region. Even though on our market it is available in a small number of establishments, craft beers are finding their way to consumers who recognize its quality.

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