Laufer Craft Brewery
Is the first craft brewery in area of Northeast Bosnia, seated in Brčko. A passionate hobby of making craft beers has turned into an entrepreneurial undertaking so the first product was placed on the market in 2018 In a short time, Laufer has become a part of the fast-growing community of true aficionados of good-tasting craft beer, and we here in Laufer give great attention to the quality which can be felt in each drop of the product.
““Best confirmation that you are doing something right is when you gain the trust of others. An ever-increasing number of passionate fans of Laufer beer is the greatest satisfaction for all the efforts, knowledge and love we have put into it, that was needed for the opening of the first craft brewery in Brčko, as well as for daily production of beer with superior quality. By doing what I love, I am in a position to make other people happy, because people really love and enjoy drinking beer.”.”

Founder Kosta Stevanovic
master engineer of technology


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